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                                           UPDATED WEDNESDAY MARCH 4

Mt. Storm tournament scheduled for March 28 is now canceled and will be moved to a later date due to the full power outage starting March 21. A majority vote was reached on moving the tournament back. Our first tournament will now be Burnsville Lake on April 12. Please be advised their is a ramp fee of a couple dollars so you will need change handy. Off limits will be posted on the tournament schedule page. I will select a date for Mt. Storm that best fits everyone in terms of no back to back club tournaments and nothing over top of a major open. 

Anyone who still has not paid their dues can bring them to me this weekend at the Mylan Park show. I will be at the Bill's Outdoor booth both days. I would like to have all of this collect before Burnsville!

We have 2 boater spots left for the 2015 season and all current boaters have till the start of the fifth tournament to add a non boater partner. We are now accepting sponsorships for the website and club jerseys for this season. If you have any question for sponsorship call Brent Bowsher at the contact info. below.
If there are any mistakes in the schedule/updates please email me and point them out!

If anyone has any questions about the tournaments or the club please feel free to call me (304)906-6028 or send me an email(Bowsher05@frontier.com)                            


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