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All 2015 tournament dates are final have been approved!

Bassmaster Classic Contest! Pick the winner of the classic and win a free entry fee to the first tournaments. Submit you pick on the facebook group page or email it to Brent Bowsher. You must enter your pick and 3 day total weight (to break tie) and the closest over or under will win a free entry fee to Mt. Storm club tournament! All entries must be received by Feb. 20 12am! Club dues must be paid in order to make a pick! No edits or picks will be accepted after that.

If the weather is bad and we have to cancel we will use the same order for Burnsville. We are in the process of working with the power plant for use of the private ramp and should know something soon. IF we are able to use the private ramp the first flight will go out of there (7-4) and the second flight will leave from the public ramp(7:30-4:30). We will use a slight bigger gap between flights for the first tournament to allow the first flight time to get boats out of the water and clear the docks before the second flight is due in. Weigh-in would take place at private ramp pavilions.
I will also assign someone to check livwells, collect entry fees, and call numbers at the public ramp.

If we are not able to use the public ramp I will then explore the campground as another option and send the first flight from there. I think using 2 ramps will make things the easiest on everyone. I will post an update as soon as we hear back from the Power Plant!

2015 schedule now has all updates. Some other notes of change for 2015 season is entry fees for this year will now be $50 a tournament and payback for 30 boats or more will now be capped at 6 spots. The biggest change will be OFF LIMITS the week before all 9 club tournaments starting on Monday 12am! You will however be allowed to fish an OPEN tournament that may happen to take place during the week. I will generate boat number for Mt. Storm at the end of this month and AOY payouts will change as we continue to collect membership dues as well.

Our FREE tournament this year will be the Deep Creek 2 day tournament and will payback 5 spots in cash and 3 spots and lunker in prizes. $1,000 cash for first place!

New boater members have till the start of the first tournament to join for 2015 and till the start of the fifth tournament to add a non boater partner.

We are now accepting sponsorships for the website and club jerseys for this season. If you have any question for sponsorship call Brent Bowsher at the contact info. below.

If you are new member looking to join for 2015 please feel free to contact Brent Bowsher at the information listed below.

If there are any mistakes in the schedule/updates please email me and point them out!

If anyone has any questions about the tournaments or the club please feel free to call me (304)906-6028 or send me an email(Bowsher05@frontier.com)


Next Tournament- March 28 Mt. Storm 7:00-4:00

Off Limits- 12 am. Monday March 23- Friday 27. 

Off Limits Area- Power plant discharge that is roped off with NO FISHING SIGNS.

    2015 Angler of the Year Standings 
                (subject to change)

1. ($1,200)

2. ($700)

3. ($550)

4. ($450)

5. ($350)

6. ($300)

7. ($250)

8. ($250)

9. ($200)

10. ($200)

Biggest Bag of the Year (Bonus $)-

Biggest Fish of the Year (Bonus $)-

                               A Big THANK YOU to our 2015 sponsors!




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